Play Me Wild



ok, I don’t have an excerpt because I’m going to to all 5 stories at one time.

soooo Personal Preferences, first, I don’t like stories in First Person, they have to be a very special story for me to stick with it and second what ever publisher decided that splitting a book into pieces to make it a “serial” should be shot.

Ok…personal preferences aside.  I liked this story and I would probably have loved it if Tracy was allowed to make it one whole story.  I have read serials that were individual stories that put together made a complete story, this Serial is just one book cut up into equal chunks and published separately and that makes it difficult to read.

Aria and Sebastian are a great couple and HOT HOT HOT together and that’s what kept me reading through the “books”. I didn’t like the end because it felt like there should have been the next chunk of the story or perhaps the whole set should have been the first installment of a serial book.

I received these stories from netgalley and I’m not sure I’d have bought the whole set otherwise….unless the whole set was $0.99 but I’m pretty sure the publisher cut this up to get more money out of a set of short e-books because everyone likes a 0.99 deal.  Too bad because I enjoy this author and I think she writes great stories and spectacular sex scenes.


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