The Present


Samhain Publishing
October 28, 2014


Book 8.5

One night can change everything

Ethan Malloy has distanced himself from the world after his wife’s death. Two years have passed in self-imposed loneliness. During a fateful snowstorm, he finds a stranger in his house when he returns. Ethan’s life will never be the same.

Fiona Carmichael didn’t intend to get lost in a snowstorm or end up spending the night in a house with a man she barely knew. He made her yearn for what she’d never found—a home, a man to love and be loved by.

Circumstances threw them together, but will they take the life fate offers them?

A Malloy novella

Awwww Ethan. Knowing Ethan has been so sad throughout the Malloy’s series made The Present such a sweet story. Fiona is perfect for Ethan and their story makes a person believe in new beginnings.  I don’t read historicals but Beth Williamson/Emma Lang is one author I’ll make an exception for. Loved it!


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