Cyber Illusions



Taryn Bellamy has shamelessly used the art of illusion to build a name for herself in the entertainment industry. But it hasn’t magically made it easier to raise the twins left in her care by her past best friend.

After one of the twins runs away, Taryn chases the girl all the way to Miami, where she comes to face to face with the kids’ father. He’s an FBI agent—and he sparks a dangerous heat in her veins. Heat that could send the heart and soul of her closely guarded life up in a puff of magical smoke.

When tech genius Tyler Greer traces a hacker’s cyber trail to a private runway at a Miami airport, he’s surprised to find Taryn, whom he suspects was involved in a series of high-profile art thefts years ago. A crime he could never quite make stick to the slippery, sensual illusionist.

Then he discovers the kids in her care are his. The truth rocks Tyler’s world…and leaves Taryn fearing the greatest crime will be against her heart.

Last Sensory Ops book?!?! Say it isn’t so!!! I love the Sensory Ops world, crime, mystery, suspense and hot men! It doesn’t get any better.

Tyler the FBI tech guru extraordinaire running up against an amazing hacker that he has to work super hard to track down is fun enough but to find out that his hacker came by his skills genetically is hysterical.  This is a sweet story where dad finally gets to meet his kids and is dazzled by them and the woman raising them. I like how they work together to solve the crime and protect Taryn.


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