Thane by Brandy Walker





QUOTE: Everything I have dreamed of is at the tip of my fingers. I won’t let this woman stand in my way. ~ Thane

HERO: Thane
HEROINE: Amara Hope

With one more task to complete, Fallen Angel Thane will finally get what he’s dreamed about for decades…his rightful place back on Olympus with his brothers. All he needs to do is keep one woman from “doing something stupid”. How hard could that be?

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This is a whole new world and I find myself intrigued and wanting to know more about the Mystic Zodiac world.  Thane, of course is the typical arrogant alpha male until he falls for Amara.  Amara on the other hand is no shrinking violet….the woman rocks! She goes after what she wants whether it’s in life or sex.  I like that she’s one tough cookie and knows what she is and I think it shocks Thane that she knows and is totally cool with it….maybe he thought it would scare her. Fat Chance!  Definitely worth the read and I’m looking forward to the next month of the Zodiac!


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