Seduction By Blood by Melissa Schroeder



Seduction by Blood

All of the London is convinced Jack the Ripper has returned to London, butMalik knows better. He knows the familiar scent of a Made, one that has survived longer than he should have. But, while he is pursuing the killer, he cannot keep his mind on it completely.Mrs. Diana Simpson has become too much to ignore. From her haughtiness, to the simmering passion he sees lurking behind the pain in her eyes, he recognizes his mate.

Diana has accepted this new part of her life, but she is not ready to bind herself to any man, human or vampire. Her first marriage left much to be desired and she is not ready for that disappointment again. Still, each time they are together, the passion they feel explodes and neither of them are ready for the repercussions of their actions. Especially when the new killer sets his eyes on Diana.

First things first…..Diana and Charles??? BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok….I hate historicals but a vampire historical by Melissa Schroeder….definitely some good stuff!!  I totally felt connected to Lady Diana (snicker) and everything she felt about herself and her past. Malik (like all of Melissa’s heros) is of course smokin hot and I can see why Diana would think he wasn’t interested in her so when she finds out he is it is enticing. The mystery of the Ripper had me racing thru to see who done it!


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