Some Like It Easy by Heather Long



Some-Like-it-Easy-NookSome Like It Easy

Going Royal #5

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He’s lived the good life… 

Cut off from his finances and ordered get his life together, George Dagmar registers for university in New York. College life, as it turns out, isn’t so bad. He can party, meet lots of girls, and hang out—at least according to professional student and artist, Penny Novak. When they tangle in the sheets, George quickly realizes she is more than an affair…

She lives life on her terms… 

Penny enjoys a bohemian lifestyle and plans to live as a poor artist for the rest of her life, answering to no one but her muse. Spoiled George doesn’t impress her, but when her sister asks her to keep an eye on the brat prince, Penny can’t help but tweak his royal nose. When he rises to the occasion and proves he can be funny and charming, they hit the sheets. Reveling in their carefree affair, Penny has no complaints until George slips and declares his love. Galvanized by fear of a set in stone future, this commitment-phobe bolts…

Changing the rules… 

He’s never wanted anyone the way he wants her. George will go to any length to prove they were meant to be together. Even grow up…

So you know how the hero is always doing something stupid and you’re heart is breaking for the heroine and you hope he get’s his crap together for her?  Well flip that LOL.  I wanted to slap Penny upside the head on more than one occasion.  It’s a good thing that girl learned cuz I was ready to just take George off her hands.

This was a good story and a great part of the Going Royal series!


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