Romancing The Wolf


Romancing the Wolf

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They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 10 brand new passionate tales of friendship, desire, wolves, survival, and redemption. Escape to another world, another place, and another romance…

Warning: Contains wild heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, old secrets, new discoveries, and pack ties binding them together. Sometimes love’s greatest challenge is romancing the wolf…

Desiree Holt- Heart of the Wolf (The Devora)

Shifter Lia Popescu is desperate to find the book Legends of the Werewolf, her only clue as to what happened to her pack. Her attempts to recover the tome bring her into contact with Riley Morgan, a meeting that explodes with sexual chemistry. She’s losing her heart to the sexy detective. How he will handle knowing the truth about her?

Saranna DeWylde The Ardennes Curse (Woolven Secret)

When Armand Rommulus killed Luc Ardennes in single combat before the Great Council, he was forced to leave his pack and his home—and claim his birthright as the Ardennes Alpha. Victoria Ardennes is prepared to do murder to break the curse tormenting her pack, until she discovers the life she must take is one she’s come to value above all others—even her own.

Virginia Nelson – Odd Mate (The Odd Series)

As second to a female alpha, Charly endures the pity of his pack thanks to her mating. Not that he can admit the one wolf he truly loved left him years ago. Gretchen fell in love with a sweet, nerdy bear of a man, but a genetic twist of fate made her flee. When she returns to town, she can’t stay away from Charly. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the one girl he ever loved?

Gayle Donnelly – Running with the Wolf (The Cascadia Wolves)

To escape her abusive ex, Abigail Mann faked her death and fled to a small town in Oregon to start over. Abram Keaton is the most ruthless hunter of the Deschutes Pack. Hungering for the quiet, elusive kindergarten teacher sparks a need deep inside. When Abby’s past comes calling, Abram must make a choice…defy pack law and bring her into his world or let her run and lose her forever.

Cara Carnes – Redemption’s Forgiveness (The Rending)

Surviving as an Outsider was tough, but Felicity faces her harshest battle when she stumbles across a plot to overthrow the trading post, Redemption.  Marek will do anything to protect his pack and their land, including executing any Outsiders who dare enter pack lands. He knows there’s no soft in war—until a curvaceous wolf with more sass than sense limps into Redemption with an impossible tale of betrayal. Can the two discover trust and redemption together?

Brandy Walker – Under Her Spell (Keystone Predators)

The Beta of the Keystone Predators, Diego Mendoza loves his job and the responsibility that comes with it—even the simple task of retrieving his Alpha’s cousin from the airport. Part wolf shifter and part witch Daphne Moore had a hell of a time fitting in and everyone wants her to choose. She is ready for a change and a trip to Arizona for her cousin’s wedding seems like the perfect start. Diego wants her instantly, but she’s wary. Will Diego be able to enchant the woman who is witch and wolf?

Rebecca Royce – Always (Dragon Wars)

Robbie Owens has fought the dragons for seventeen years, leading his group of secret, elite werewolves. Tatyana Knox is a human in a world where humans are like unicorns—they simply don’t exist. She is real, more she’s Robbie’s mate. If he can only trust her, they will turn the tide of the war. But the clock is ticking and Tatyana’s time with Robbie is almost up.

Jennifer Kacey – Violet’s Shadow (Shadow Mates) 

Violet’s spent her whole life searching for where she belongs. Two weeks alone in a secluded cabin is music to her ears, until she sees a shadow in the forest with red glowing eyes. Rayden was sent to protect and guide her. Instead, he finds the mate he’s been unwilling to search for and a passion so fierce he’ll never be able to walk away. Everything she’s ever wanted in life and love is finally at her fingertips if she’s brave enough to embrace…her Shadow

Heather Long – Wolf with Benefits (Wolves of Willow Bend)

After dropping out of college and spending a summer breaking the law, Shiloh Sullivan needs to make amends. When she returns home, her best friend, the wolfish and playful Matt Montgomery, distracts he with a ‘pretend’ relationship, which annoys her parents. They never wanted their children to take the bite. The friendly-with-benefits arrangement suits Matt fine—makes his mother happy, helps the pack forgive his best friend, and gives him a reason to pry into the secrets Shiloh’s been keeping. Pretending a relationship with a wolf is impossible, the closer they get, the more Matt’s wolf wants to take their con game and make it a mating game. Can he keep his best friend and mate her, too?

Melissa Schroeder – The Alpha’s Saving Grace (Lonestar Wolf Pack)

Alpha Jacob Sanderson doesn’t have time for distractions as he hunts a vicious killer attacking his pack. Sheriff Alexandra Littlefoot is his best resource and a woman he can’t seem to resist. As secrets rise to the surface, the killer’s violence escalates and threatens to destroy the entire pack.


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Wolves are Awesome!!  This box set has a rocking variety of Wolf stories and gave me a great set of stories by authors I know and love and a selection of those that are new to me.  Pick this up at a fantastic price, you won’t put it down!





Engaged in Embellishments

By: Nikki Duncan | Other books by Nikki Duncan
Published By: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN # 9781619231627

Word Count: 9793
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi)

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About the book

Always a planner, never a bride…until one man vows to mend a broken promise.

Tulle and Tulips, Book 5.5

Lori Mullins walks a tightrope every day of her life, acutely aware that there are no guarantees. No guarantee she’s left the demons of her past behind. No guarantee that her future is assured.

Though she believes love is a powerful force, she can’t help but wonder if it is all-conquering.

Trevor Masters runs a successful business, but professional loyalties fail to fulfill his dreams. Dreams that the woman he loves forgives herself for the past. Dreams that she will finally accept his offer for a shared future.

Though some dismiss dreams as nothing more than nice pastimes, he can’t stop believing in their power.

And he finally feels like he’s close to making this one come true.

Warning: Contains a man whose world shatters when he breaks a promise, and a woman who flounders in the debris. All wrapped up in a Glittering Groot. Seriously.

An excerpt from the book

Copyright © 2015 Nikki Duncan
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Lori Mullins, the creator and owner of Tulle and Tulips Designer Weddings, knew a thing or two about glamour and elegance. She joked that she’d learned at the hands of a high-profile madame. Only recently, after her friends had gotten her sufficiently loosened up with wine and the finest of homemade chocolates, had she finally shared the truth few people knew.

She’d been recruited and trained by a secret government agency that had employed her as a spy. She’d fallen in love with weddings and wedding dresses during a mission where she’d worked as a wedding planner for an arms dealer. After her retirement, beginning Tulle and Tulips had been a dream come true.

Occasionally she had the pleasure of putting a wedding together for a friend. Better than that, she got to work with friends when she did.

“Glittering Groot.” Tabatha Sampson shook her head to get her hair away from her face. Her chuckle was rich and happy as she wrapped shimmery brown tulle around a strand of tiny white lights that would be strung back and forth across the ceiling of the arch. The ballroom’s two sets of double doors would be opened after the ceremony to unite the ballroom and the tent beyond into one space for the reception. “I would never have thought we could make a comic book wedding glamorous.”

Lori moved to the next chair to continue the tulle chain that would keep people out of the aisle. “When the Bunny of Bling gets married, elegance is the only way we could go.”

Instead of trying to recapture a particular comic book story, Darci and Victor had chosen a scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. That scene being the pivotal moment when the characters truly went from being individuals to being a team. When Groot sacrificed himself to protect the others and instead of saying “I am Groot” said “We are Groot”. With Darci’s eye for all that sparkles, the day promised to be everything she and her comic-book-loving husband-to-be could want.

“Says the woman whose silk slacks remain unwrinkled after a ten-hour day.”

Lori looked at the deep purple slacks she’d chosen that morning and could only shrug over their smoothness. Being wrinkle free was little more than a smart fabric choice.

“What will your wedding be like, Lori?” Tabatha asked.

Nearby, where she was decorating the table that would hold the cake, Gisella Sands snorted. It wasn’t a classy sound, but Gisella was better known for her stark audaciousness. “Lori’s never going to have a wedding. She’s having too much fun with fiancée-on-fiancé friskiness.”

“You say that like fun is a bad thing,” Lori said. Being with Trevor Masters was fun, but more importantly it was something she hadn’t known until he’d hired her as an escort. It was safe. He was safe. “And by the way, it can only be fiancée-on-fiancé friskiness when there’s been an engagement.”

Tabatha, glowing with the newness of requited romance, shook her head. “How is it possible Trevor’s let you go so long without accepting him?”

“He says he’s willing to wait for me.” For all the control Trevor commanded in his business deals, he seemed perfectly content putting the control of their future in Lori’s hands. The longer he stayed patient with her, the more actively she began to question her denial of his daily proposals. Being with him was safe, but she hadn’t convinced herself she’d always be safe with him.

“Only as long as you’re not making him wait for sex, right?”

“I’m not ready to be the one walking down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stay a virgin until that day comes.”

Tabatha laughed. “You could abstain from sex as easily as Darci could go a day without wearing a shiny bauble.”

“That’ll never happen,” Gisella said.

“I’ve seen the way you and Danny look at each other,” Lori challenged Tabatha. “You can’t deny you’re addicted to him.”

“He stayed loyal when I tossed him away.” She sighed the moony sigh of a woman newly in love. Except it wasn’t really that new.

Lori stopped working with the lights and tilted her head. “And he’d have waited as long as necessary to get you back.”

“Ugh.” Gisella groaned. “If you Google sappy for a definition I bet a picture of you two would pop up.”

“Awww. Poor Gisella. She doesn’t have a man.”

“All the more reason for my friends to give me things to be happy about.” Gisella set out a clay pot that would serve as the cake’s base holder. The cake itself was a growing Groot. Around the pot on the table, the table cloth had been hand painted to depict the scene where Groot wrapped himself around his fellow Guardians to protect them. Where there had been a spark of light in the movie’s scene, there was a yellow stone that sparkled as bright as any newly polished diamond.

Tabatha tied the tulle into a bow at the end of the lights and carried them to the wedding arch. Leigh’s husband, Burton, had spent weeks collecting driftwood and constructing the arch, interweaving the branches to allow enough room for fairy lights to be twisted through. The lights had been given the lightest coat of yellow metallic spray paint to give them a diamond twinkle effect.

Tomorrow’s wedding will give you and many others plenty of happiness,” Lori promised.

Maybe she was promising herself as much as her friend. Trevor asked her daily to marry him, some days making the request an elaborate show while others it was only a simple question. Each day she’d told herself he was going to stop asking and that he’d walk away. Believing in a coming rejection had been easier than believing in a forever future for herself.

Most recently, after watching Tabatha deal with the reappearance of her estranged husband, Lori had begun to accept the possibility that she wouldn’t be left out in the cold. That she might be safe taking the next step with Trevor.

“We’re almost finished here,” Lori said to Tabatha and Gisella. “Why don’t you two go get some sleep?”

It was almost eleven o’clock. Lori had quickly pegged Gisella as a morning person rather than a night owl; she was always in her office or her back office kitchen by the time Lori got to work. Tabatha was a different story. She would rather stay up all night and sleep late, but she enjoyed spending her nights with her man.

“Are you leaving?” Gisella asked.

“I’ll be right behind you.” After handling a few more details.

“You couldn’t have been a very good spy, because you’re a horrible liar.” Tabatha leaned against the arch.

“I’m a very good liar,” Lori insisted.

“You tell yourself that if it makes you feel better.” Tabatha grinned in that way she had that said she knew every secret. “But I know you’re going to be here at least two more hours setting stuff up. I also know, in this case, it will do me no good to remind you that venues, and by extension decorating them, are my domain.”

The planners never crossed into each other’s domains when it came to client weddings. But when Misty had married Jace, they’d set a precedent on handling the weddings of their fellow planners. The precedent being they all worked together on all the aspects leading up to the big day. Come wedding day, their staff took over while they enjoyed the time with their friends.

“You can argue with her if you want, Tabatha,” Gisella said through a yawn. “Sleep keeps my hand steady when I put the final touches on a cake.”

“I’ll walk out with you.” Tabatha winked at Lori. “Though I won’t promise I’m going home to sleep.”


Misery’s Way by J.C. Daniels


Misery’s Way

MiserysWay300 (1)A Kit Colbana World Short Story

Her name is Frankie. At least, that’s what she calls herself.

She looks human, but she’s no more human than she is a faith-healer. That doesn’t stop her from using her…more unique abilities to take care of certain needs. It’s those abilities that lead to a chance encounter with an unusual woman in Florida.

It’s a chance encounter with fate that will set these two down a collision course with destiny.

This short story is loosely connected to the Kit Colbana Files. Can be read as a stand-alone.


I really like Kit’s world and “Frankie” is no exception, she is very intriguing.  I raced thru this story learning more about her as each page passed and then all of the sudden it was done…OMG WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! I need more!!  If this story was meant to capture my attention it totally did and I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next story!

Every Which Way


every which way

Pre-order price is .99 regular price is $3.99
All Romance eBooks

Love beckons and desires tempts in this sizzling collection of Five brand new stories of erotic romance Every Which Way from some of the hottest storytellers around

UNABASHED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Sasha White
She’s finally found a man who sees her for the woman she is, and she’s not holding back.

Ian Johnson thrived on training new submissives at Overwatch. He loved helping them explore their kinks, learn their limits, and recognize the power they hold. Then Ronnie Mack strode into the club, and right back into his heart. Now she’s his one and only, and he’s learning that training a submissive he loves is a whole new level of connection.

LOANED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Annabel Joseph
It’s all kinky fun and games, until someone loses their heart.

Bettina’s Master gets off on loaning her to strangers. Afterward, she’s supposed to report back to him with all the raunchy details. It’s all kinky fun and games, until one of those strangers decides he doesn’t want to give her back…

BOOTS & WINGS by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Myla Jackson
When a woman comes between brothers, passions take wings

Pilots, partners and brothers, Jake and Tucker Maddox, are both in love with Molly O’Brien and she’s in love with them. Because of their crazy sibling rivalry she refuses to choose between them, and instead walks away. On the verge of losing the best gal that ever happened to them, the two brothers hatch a desperate scheme to kidnap Molly, carrying her away to their mountain cabin where they convince her she can have them both, if she dares

Pin Me Up Proper by USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Cathryn Fox
Shackles, blindfolds and ropes, oh my…she’s not in Kansas anymore.

Bored with the men in her life, actress Janie Monroe is looking for something different. On a whim, she decides to seduce her cameraman, a guy who comes off as a nerdy video gamer. After enticing him at a pin-up photo shoot, she learns that he does indeed like to play, but instead of a game console and controller, his toys are shackles, blindfolds and ropes. Janie soon finds herself immersed in a world of dark passions where her boundaries are challenged and pleasure beyond her wildest imagination is the prize.

ACCEPTABLE RISK by Candace Blevins
Bethany has joked for years that if she ever settles down, it’ll be with a harem of men, only it isn’t a joke anymore.

Mac is a new werewolf, and still must be watched at every moment to be sure he stays in control. His kink has always been ménage, so when he overhears the beautiful redhead at the bar wanting to take on not only him, but also the werewolf and wereleopard chaperoning his night out… he has to convince them to let him take her home. He might not be trustworthy with a human woman alone, yet, but with two powerful shapeshifters in bed with them, what could go wrong?

Four of my favorite authors and one new one…AWESOME SET OF STORIES!!!!

Continuing Ian and Ronnie’s story from Overwatch Sasha gives us hot BDSM with sweet romance and snappy lines.

Myla Jackson’s western world at the Ugly Stick Saloon is sexy and will have you hoping that Jake and Tucker will not pass up Molly’s ultimatum .

Oh Cathryn. in the Breaking the Rules series Pin Me Up Proper is my favorite and watching Janie fall for someone completely different.  As a self proclaimed menage fan I was very disappointed when Kaden decided not to share with Tate I know I would have loved that story as much as this one 🙂

My favorite story in this set is Acceptable Risk. I wanna be Bethany!  Imagine whispering to your friends that you want a harem and being overheard by three sexy built shifters….oh yeah!!!!!  Great characters and wonderful story!

Willow by Brandy Walker


June: Willow



Witch – Warlock

QUOTE: If only casting a spell on a man was as simple as it sounded. Not to fall in love…but to send him hurling off the edge of the earth. ~ Willow

HEROINE: Willow Davies
HERO: Cedric Stone


All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo


A bet between Eros, the God of love & desire, and Chloe (Chlotho), the Fate of birth, leads to a year filled with match-making and passion.


She’s a witch looking for the love of her life…

Willow Davies is pinning all of her hopes on the Summer Solstice Celebration. She calls to the Goddess Aphrodite in the light of the moon to help find the love of her life, the man who is meant to complete her heart and soul, and Aphrodite answers. But Aphrodite warns that love can be surprising and by the Gods she meant it.

He’s the warlock she’s always seen as her nemesis…

Cedric Stone is ready to claim Willow as the love of his life, except she still considers him the enemy. They’ve known each other all of their lives and after a blind date gone horribly wrong, thanks to him, he realizes he’s in love with her. It’s his good fortune when he shows up on her doorstep and sees her wearing an enchanted moonstone, a gem known to be worn by those looking for love. It’s the perfect way into her life.

What happens when he becomes the one she can’t live without?

As the days go by and they spend more and more time together, Willow begins to wonder how much of Cedric’s attention is because he truly is in love with her or because she’s wearing an enchanted moonstone.


NOTE: Mystic Zodiac is a 12 book series. It is NOT a serial. Each book ends in a happily ever after for the main couple. However, the prologue and epilogue of each story follows the Gods that kick off the series, Eros and Chlotho (aka Chloe). At the end of the series the bet between the two will come to a conclusion.


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This is a fun series and although each book can be read as a stand alone I think they are that much better read in order.  I like Willow! At first I wanted to punch Cedric but when he finally pulled his head out of his behind I found I liked him a lot. He actually had his act together a lot more than Willow and I thought. A fun, sexy, smart, must read!