Pride by Candace Blevins




a short erotica from the world of the Chattanooga Supernaturals…

Jess and her all-female pride would be fine if random male lions didn’t feel the need to come to town to try to take over.

Until the Amakhosi, the king of the lions, pays them a visit.

Warning: This isn’t a romance. Pride is unapologetic paranormal erotica, and the Amakhosi’s only rules are the ones he makes up. He’s come to town to enact consequences and enforce his rule, and at over eight hundred years old, he’s gotten very good at getting his point across.

Oh, and cats have spiked penises.

She isn’t joking this ain’t romance but it sure is hot!!  A glimpse into the life of the almighty Lion King Nathan (who’d have thought a Lion King would be named Nathan LOL)  show’s us the link between the animal world and the paranormal is it’s brutality but fear not Nathan hasn’t lost his humanity and all in all things could have gone a whole lot worse.  The best part is that Nathan found a way to help this little pride have the life they are happy with.


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