Nikki Duncan on TV!!!!


was featured on Good Morning Texas!

Watch that interview here.

Being interviewed on Good Morning Texas this morning was a fun change of pace, but now it’s time to get back to work, and that means getting words on paper for the next Scarred Hearts book.

Until I have more from that to share, here’s the information about CONTROLLED BURN. Check it out.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday, October 11 at 11:30. I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX for some Starbucks indulgence and a book signing. I would love to see some friendly faces.



River Wolf by Heather Long



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Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, isolated himself from his pack mates after one betrayed him. The once, easygoing Alpha has become taciturn, remote and unforgiving. His pack worries for him, but they too have suffered a devastating blow. When several members leave to join Three Rivers, the pack faces the threat of dissolution until Brett’s best friend and Lone Wolf, Luc Danes returns to Hudson River accompanied by a beautiful young human—or is she? Something about the woman consumes Brett. Has Luc come home to help or to take the pack from Brett?

Colby Jensen wrapped up thousands of hours of community service working at the hospital in Maine when an injured Luc Danes rolled through the door. The impossible patient drove the nurses crazy, but when Danes offered her money no strings attached to drive him to New York, she agreed. The last thing she expected was to arrive in the small Westchester County town and to meet the craziest collection of residents—especially the devastatingly sexy Brett Dalton. Part of her wants to hit the road, the rest wants to make him smile and he keeps making excuses for her to stay.

Then she sees the wolves…and is exposed to a world she can barely imagine. When Brett discovers a secret about her, nothing will be the same again. Now she will find herself torn between a world she isn’t sure she can understand and the man who has taken her heart hostage…

oh yes it’s Brett.  Brett has had some tough times and he deserves his HEA. I read and read and read trying to solve the mystery of Colby and it was fantastic!!  Luc made me laugh, Colby is my new favorite heroine and Brett is smokin HOT!  A wonderful addition to the Wolves of Willow Bend!!



Congratulations on winning one of the NDcent Scavenger Hunt Prizes! Below is a message from Nikki Duncan, who all winners should email Nikki at to claim their prize. Including NDcent Prize in the subject line will help Nikki prioritize your message.

Is it better late than never when announcing winners? I hate missing deadlines, but this delay was a result of my energies going to my kids. I hope you understand.

The winners of a $5 Amazon gift card are: Deb Diem, Margaret Herman, Jess1, Deb PellertierC, Kermitsgirl, Karen H, Vicki Wurgler, Beth Elder, RBauldree, AmieS, Karina Hernandez, Jenny Dauksa Schaber, Teresa, Crystal Benedict and JAND.

The winner of the $100 Amazon gift card, for her efforts in finding more blogs than anyone else, is Kermitsgirl!

Thank you all for participating. I hope you had fun, found some new blogs and possibly had your interest piqued by a book or two.

Nikki Duncan

Adrian by Brandy Walker


August: Adrian




QUOTE: Its all fun and games until you piss off the dragon. ~ Adrian

HERO: Adrian Trent
HEROINE: Li-Mei Chen


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A bet between Eros, the God of love & desire, and Chloe (Chlotho), the Fate of birth, leads to a year filled with match-making and passion.


He’s a tattoo artist who can’t resist a shiny gem…

Adrian Trent spends his days and nights working as a tattoo artist at Cherry Ink. It’s a good life. He meets interesting people and expresses himself with his unique brand of art. But on the odd occasion, he gets the opportunity to do the one thing he truly loves: acquiring shiny, dragon-worthy gems. Sometimes it’s just for him, most of the time, it’s for a client willing to pay him, very well, for his time and skills.

She’s a college librarian who loves a good book…

Li-Mei Chen loves books. The rarer the better. She gets her fix every day working at a local college library in the special collection section: her concentration, Asian texts. But not all of the books she chases down are for the University; some of them end up in her personal collection. Her Chinese Dragon won’t have it any other way.

Two worlds set on a collision course…

When a new client approaches Adrian and Li-Mei receives a mysterious email, they’re both put on the trail of what their dragons treasure most. Or, so it seems. What appears to be a chance encounter, has to ability to turn into something more. Will they take a step toward happily ever after, or will things spiral out their of control?


NOTE: Mystic Zodiac is a 12 book series. It is NOT a serial. Each book ends in a happily ever after for the main couple. However, the prologue and epilogue of each story follows the Gods that kick off the series, Eros and Chlotho (aka Chloe). At the end of the series the bet between the two will come to a conclusion.

August’s Mystic story is adorable. Adrian is smoking hot and Li-Mei is brilliant!  I think this one is my favorite because Adrian takes his time getting to know Li-Mei and courts her which mostly serves to ramp up the tension between them. I think Chloe was a little behind when she came to see Adrian but that part made me snicker.  A wonderful addition to the Zodiac Mystic series.