Congratulations on winning one of the NDcent Scavenger Hunt Prizes! Below is a message from Nikki Duncan, who all winners should email Nikki at to claim their prize. Including NDcent Prize in the subject line will help Nikki prioritize your message.

Is it better late than never when announcing winners? I hate missing deadlines, but this delay was a result of my energies going to my kids. I hope you understand.

The winners of a $5 Amazon gift card are: Deb Diem, Margaret Herman, Jess1, Deb PellertierC, Kermitsgirl, Karen H, Vicki Wurgler, Beth Elder, RBauldree, AmieS, Karina Hernandez, Jenny Dauksa Schaber, Teresa, Crystal Benedict and JAND.

The winner of the $100 Amazon gift card, for her efforts in finding more blogs than anyone else, is Kermitsgirl!

Thank you all for participating. I hope you had fun, found some new blogs and possibly had your interest piqued by a book or two.

Nikki Duncan


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