Bash, volume II by Candace Blevins



Bash, Volume II (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #4)

Their lives just got complicated, but neither of them are the type to travel the easy road.

Book two of the Bash trilogy…

Will Bud want to tear Bash to pieces? How is Dawg going to fit into all of this? Will the Disciples retaliate? And now that the District Attorney is in Angelica’s life, can she get him out?

Bash may have claimed her in both wolf and human form, but Angelica isn’t likely to just roll over and show him her belly every time he gives her an order. One night of incredible sex doesn’t mean the relationship will be smooth sailing. They both want it to work, though, and they’re both used to getting what they want.

Warning: A touch more BDSM, tons of raw kink, blazing hot sex, danger, intrigue, and there might even be a sexy ménage.

This is volume two of a three book story. Beware of the cliffhanger at the end, but book three will release a mere two weeks after book two.

OMG….ok this one is a cliff hanger! This second book in the trilogy of Bash and Angelica does nothing but pull us further into the RTMC world and shows how saavy Angelica really is about both her worlds. Multiple scenes show just how smart she really is both scientifically and politically. Bash is slowly finessing her into the kinkier aspects of his sexy times and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how far he can get her to go cuz I’m pretty sure sexy Bash is a sadist. Once I picked this up I couldn’t stop reading until I ran into that dang cliff hanger and I wasn’t ready for it to stop.
Volume one was fantastic and volume two has upped the ante….Can’t wait for volume 3!

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