Bash, Volume III by Candace Blevins


bash 3

Bash, Volume III (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #5)

Book three of the Bash trilogy…

Will Angelica save herself, or will she have to be saved? Either way, knowing what Bud and Bash are capable of, do we want to know the repercussions?

Follow Bash, Angelica, and the rest of the MC for the exciting conclusion.

Warning: BDSM activities, intense kink, blazing hot ménage sex, smoldering couple’s sex, danger, intrigue, and more alpha werewolf bad-asses than you’d want to shake a stick at.

This is the final installment of a three book story, with a happy ending and no cliffhangers.

Woot Woot Go Angelica!!!  Ok she’s officially my favorite Rolling Thunder heroine…..Bethany isn’t Rolling Thunder so I can say that.  Angelica is strong and tough and she isn’t gonna let anyone run her down!  I love the twists and turns and the wrap up of their very intense love story.  I’d love to see all three parts in print….it would absolutely be on my keeper shelf!

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