Indentured Freedom by Candace Blevins


Indentured Freedom: Owned by the Vampire

Indentured FreedomTeresa has lived a rough life, and is more beaten-down-dog than powerful wolf when she arrives at the Rolling Thunder Motor Hotel looking for work.

The MC gives her a job, but no one is especially happy about it.

Until a vampire walks in, and is drawn to her mouth-watering scent. And blood.

Warning: Dark erotica, dubious consent, and a vampire who isn’t afraid to dole out extreme punishments to get his point across.

Indentured Freedom is unapologetic erotica. It has a story and a plot, but it isn’t a romance.

Note the warning that’s not a joke. Take off your romance colored glasses before you read this, if you can’t handle strict dark erotica this is not the story for you. That said, this is an incredibly intensely fascinatingly horrifying story and a definite must read!


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